Maria Gutierrez Gines - CIBR programme manager

Maria is senior scientist at ESR. Her main field of research is the phytomanagement of biowaste and degraded soils – or more simply – using plant and their associated microorganisms to solve environmental problems. Maria's work involves numerous disciplines, such as soil science, plant science, soil-plant interactions, soil microbiology, ecotoxicology, ecological restoration, soil and water interactions, and environmental education. She is using a variety of methods, from laboratory, greenhouse and field trials, to social and education methods. / +64 3 351 0152

Jianming Xue - Science Leader

Jianming is a senior scientist at Scion. His areas of expertise are integrated soil fertility and nutrient management, genetic and environmental control of resource use efficiency, the fate and transport of nutrient and contaminants in ecosystems, and reuse and land application of biowastes. His current research focusses on developing sustainable biowaste reuse solutions for improving soil quality and forest productivity with minimal environmental and ecological footprints. / +64 3 364 2987

Brett Robinson

Brett is Professor of Environmental Chemistry in the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at the University of Canterbury. He works on the fluxes of chemicals in soils and plants with the aim of preventing contaminants from entering waterways or the food chain, and promoting nutrient uptake by plants. Brett’s goal in CIBR is the development of new methods to enable the reuse of biowastes and to protect waterways adjacent to lands that are receiving biowastes +64 3 369 2587

Robyn Simcock

Robyn is an ecologist/soil scientist based at Landcare Research in Auckland. She has experience in land rehabilitation offering expertise in major mine, roading and dam projects. She has also worked in low impact urban design such as water sensitive design, greenroofs, bioretention and raingardens. She has a strong ecological research and environmental chemistry focus, concentrating on maintenance/management to achieve ecological benefits. / +64 9 574 4153

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