This group works in understanding the behaviour of pathogens and viruses in wastewater, and treatment options. They are also investigating the transport of these pathogens in the environment to provide safe practice recommendations. The research questions of the Microbiology Team are:

- Which pathogens are in biowaste, and how to remove them?

- Is the behaviour of all pathogens similar to that of the indicator organism Escherichia coli?

- How pathogens transport in the environment after land application of biowaste?


Meet the Microbiology team:

Louise Weaver - Science Leader

louise weaverLouise is the Senior scientist in ESR’s Water, Waste and Social Systems Group. She has been involved on a number of groundwater research projects that support both the Our Land and Water and the New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenges. Her groundwater research is focused on identifying how land use, such as farming and waste disposal, affects groundwater quality. Her work frequently assists local councils and communities in developing strategies to reduce or eliminate contaminants in their water systems.




Rupert Craggs

Rupert Craggs

Rupert is a Principal Scientist and Manager of NIWA's Aquatic Pollution Group.His research has involved: evaluation, optimisation, design, engineering and construction of ponds, raceways, filters, and scrubbers for wastewater treatment; optimising natural nutrient removal and disinfection processes; and control of midge nuisance and odour release from conventional wastewater treatment ponds. His energy related research has developed Covered Anaerobic Ponds for enhanced biogas production in simple, cost-effective ponds; and wastewater treatment High Rate Algal Ponds with CO2 addition for production of algal biomass for use as fertiliser, feed, or conversion to biofuel.

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