The CIBR team


CIBR team members

The CIBR team is comprised of four research groups and is coordinated by our administration and management staff. 

Meet the highly skilled teams whose research is making biowaste management in New Zealand safer and more sustainable by following the links to the left. Alternatively you can read a summary below of each speciality area below.

  • Ecotoxicology research group  

Experimental set up for the copepod multigenerational experimentNumerous chemicals are used in daily household, industrial, and agricultural activities. These chemicals could enter the environment by applying biowaste to land. The Ecotoxicology group’s challenge is to characterise and manage the potential risks of chemicals to our unique ecosystems while maximising the benefits of biosolids re-use. 


  • Microbiology research group

Pictures of microbes under the microscope and on agar platesThe Microbiology group works in understanding the behaviour of pathogens and viruses in soil and wastewater to further understand the mechanisms that lead to their removal in order to improve treatment processes, and provide safe practice recommendations.


  • Social and Cultural research group 

Reports written by the social and cultural group on community engagement

Fundamental to CIBR’s work is the involvement of communities in the projects to explore the important social, cultural and economic factors associated with biosolids re-use options. The Social and Cultural research group conducts participatory action research with stakeholders to encourage shared learning and ensure that the biophysical scientists develop solutions that are appropriate for real communities.


  • Soil Science research group 

Soil science research; native plants, biosolids application to pine trees & soil

Reusing biosolids can provide essential nutrients for plant needs and organic matter for improving soil quality. This group investigates how biosolids land application affects soil health and fertility and groundwater quality, and develops sustainable management practices to make the best use of biosolids for land reuse and enhance the integrity of the soil for future generations.


External Consultants

Collaborators from outside academic and research organisations provide invaluable on-the-ground expertise for our projects. Meet our Industry Collaborators.