CIBR research bridge disciplines and distances, with scientists collaborating over the length of the country to investigate safe and sustainable solutions for the reuse of biowaste. The CIBR team works in a transdisciplinary way to provide holistic solutions for the challenges related with the reuse of biowaste.

Examples of CIBR research projects

Some of the research topics within CIBR are:

- Improvements of soil properties with land-application of biowaste, above all in degraded areas.

- Mine rehabilitation using biowaste.

- Increase productivity of plantations (pine or native vegetation) by beneficial reuse of biowaste.

- Potential chemical and biological contaminants that might be present in biowaste.

- Treatment options to reduce the contaminant load in biowaste.

- Environmental fate and risks of contaminants after land-application of biowaste.

- Risk assessment and management of land-application of biowaste.

- Community engagement for the beneficial reuse of biowaste.

- Māori worldviews about sustainability and reduction and recycling of biowaste.

- Strategies with small communities for the scale economy of biowaste management.

- Drivers for changing behaviours in citizens towards the composition of products that will affect the quality of the biowaste.

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