Household products study

The study aims to analyse consumers’ preferences towards the choice of household cleaning and personal care products.

This study builds on a previous CIBR study “Price premiums for selected eco-friendly products as determined from a small study in central North Island”.

The current project will use a nationwide sample of respondents that would enable the assessment of the extent to which key factors (e.g. human health issues, environmental issues and personal preferences) affect the decision to buy particular types of household products.

Results of the study can contribute to the discussions around how consumers can support initiatives to reduce the impact of household products on the environment.

The study will use a survey-based economic valuation method called Choice Experiment which can model the decision process of an individual or groups based on the changes of key attributes of household products. The method enables survey respondents to make trade-offs which are captured by the econometric model. The modelling technique can also help determine if the sample respondents have a price premium for products that have lower environmental impacts. We aim to write the results of study and submit to an international peer reviewed journal.

Contact Richard Yao for more information on the Household Products study project.

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