Louise Weaver - Science Leader

Louise is the Senior scientist in ESR’s Water, Waste and Social Systems Group. Her research focuses on pathogen removal from wastewater through enzyme activity and also looking at the presence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in NZ wastewater and discharge environments and the ways in which we can improve wastewater treatment to reduce the impct of AMR.

Louise.Weaver@esr.cri.nz / +64 3 351 0074

Kristin Bohm

Picture of Kristin BKristin is a scientist at ESR based at Kenepuru Science Centre. She is an environmental ecologist and interested in everything related to soil microbial ecology. Her research focus lies on understanding how native plants steer soil microbial communities to mitigate environmental risks by land applications of biowaste (e.g. N-leakage, greenhouse gas emissions, spread of human pathogens). She is also interested to learn more about plant-microbe interactions of native plants to improve establishments of new plantings.

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