Biowaste news - November 2018

Included in this edition: 

1.Residual effect of land-applied biosolids on foliar nutrition of radiata pine plantation at the Rabbit Island in Nelson

2. Metals leaching from plumbing material – a source to be managed

3. Jacqui Horswell leaves ESR

4. The history of social and cultural research – From W2R to CIBR

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Biowaste news - June 2018

Included in this edition:

1. Mānuka and Kānuka for land treatment

2. Rabbit Island foliage sampling and update

3. Land treatment conference

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Biowaste news - February 2018

Included in this edition:

1. A new MBIE project on emerging contaminants

2. Virus transport from on-site wastewater treatment systems

3. Examining coral sand for the treatment of domestic effluent in Kiribati

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