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CIBR newsletter Autumn 2015 [PDF, 560 KB]Issue: No. 10 Autumn 2015


  • New guidelines for the beneficial use of biowastes update
  •  Gerty Gielen's award winning paper 
  •  Gisbourne District Council's waste water treatment project
  • Using biowastes for environmental benefit research


Issue no. 9 Summer 2014 [PDF, 1.1 MB]Issue: No. 9 Summer 2014


  • Biowastes to convert former pine forests into valuable native ecosystems
  • Planting mānuka to reduce microbial contamination on soil
  • Kaikōura and Rabbit Island updates
  • News about the latest toxicity assays 
  • Triclosan in greywater


Issue No. 7 Winter 2014 [PDF, 1.1 MB]Issue: No. 7 Winter 2014


  • CIBR at the Wellington Festival of Education
  • Pathogen uptake in vegetables grown withgreywater
  •  Eco-friendly household product price analysis 
  • Worm bioassays for determining toxicity



Issue No. 6 Summer 2013 [PDF, 888 KB]Issue: No. 6 Summer 2013


  • Teams updates
  • Advisory group member, Michael Naughton
  • Australian biosolids thermal drying facility i
  • Phytomanagement of biowaste



Issue No. 5 Spring 2013 [PDF, 6.4 MB]Issue Spring 2013


  • Pare Kore waste minimisation hui in Raglan
  • Australia and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership insights
  • A 'fit for purpose' community engagement framework for local councils
  • Rebuilding damaged soils with biosolids 


Issue No. 4 Summer 2012 [PDF, 501 KB]Issue No. 5 Summer 2012


  • The "Up the Pipe" Education Intervention
  •  Advisory Group member, Dr Jill McKenzie
  • Councils that are moving ahead with biosolids reuse
  •  CIBR team Outputs 



Issue No. 3 Winter 2012 [PDF, 1.1 MB]Issue No.4 Winter 2012


  • An introduction to our new "Up the Pipe" research
  • Native plants and pathogen problems
  • Advisory Group members Chrissie Williams and Mike Ennis



Issue No 3 Summer 2011 [PDF, 938 KB]Issue No. 3 Summer 2011


  • Biochar research
  • Vermicomposting
  • Mokai with the Tuaropaki Trust




Issue No. 2 Autumn / Winter 2011 [PDF, 855 KB]Issue No. 2 Autumn/Winter 2011


  • CIBR and theKaikōura community
  • Advisory Group member, Sandy Ormiston
  • Troublesome emerging contaminants



Issue No. 1 Summer 2010 [PDF, 3.9 MB]Issue No. 1 Summer 2010

Our very first newsletter, featuring:

  • Introductions to our Research Groups and their work
  • The potential of biochar to reduce nitrate leaching



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