contaminant review

The Ministry for the Environment New Zealand Water and Wastewater Association (2003) Guidelines for the Safe Application of Biosolids to Land in New Zealand are designed to safeguard the life-supporting capacity of soils, promote the responsible use of biosolids, protect public health and the environment and minimise risk to the New Zealand economy.

There is a strong perception of risk within the wider community when considering land application or reuse of biosolids. There are concerns about the range of contaminants that those wastes could contain and the uncertainty about the potential health effects and economic consequences.

This report critically reviews the pertinence of the organic contaminants that are incorporated in the Guidelines document to recommend amendments that reflect the current level of knowledge to minimise any potential risk associated with the land application of biosolids and other biowastes.


To read the report, click here [PDF, 613 KB].

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