Lowe Environmental Impact

LEI brings together many years of practical experience to provide specialist services and expertise for land treatment of wastes, agricultural engineering and science, and community wastewater projects. A range of broader services are also provided, including project management, resource consent assistance, peer reviewing and technical reporting and policy advice to Regional and District Councils.

hamish.lowe@lei.co.nz / Ph (06) 359 3099


New Zealand Land Treatment Collective

The New Zealand Land Treatment Collective (NZLTC) was established in 1989 to support the extension of research into the treatment of wastes and waste products by land application, providing its members with the most recent information on land treatment technology, research and information. The NZLTC works to improve communication to all stakeholders in the waste management industry. The NZLTC is managed by Scion Research where land treatment of waste products has been researched since 1978. Many New Zealand research organisations are also involved in land treatment research, most of whom are members of the NZLTC.


Australian and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership

The Australian and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership (ANZBP) is a collective of utilities, consultants, academics and government committed to the sustainable management of biosolids. Since its formation in 2007, the ANZBP has grown to number around 45 subscribers and has developed a diverse range of research products and tools to support the objectives of the Partnership. The CIBR itself is a member of the ANZBP.

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